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About Reasons2Remain

Reasons2Remain is a political awareness raising campaign to persuade Britain to consider a U-turn on Brexit, legitimately, and democratically. We believe that we are leaving the EU for no good reason, because of a referendum that was democratically flawed.

- A referendum in which the majority of the electorate did not give their express consent for Brexit.

- A referendum in which many people directly affected by the outcome were denied a vote.

- A referendum in which two out of the four nations of the United Kingdom voted against Brexit.

- A referendum in which all the reasons to leave were based on lies,  mistruths and false promises. A catalogue of lies that demeaned and undermined our democracy.

We believe that Brexit will cause Britain and Britons enormous economic damage and political upheaval. Our conviction is that that Britain will be safer and more prosperous by remaining in the European Union - something that the vast majority of government ministers and MPs told us during the referendum campaign.

One of the main functions of democracy is to give voters opportunities to change their minds. We hope that Britain will be given a democratic opportunity to reconsider Brexit, especially when we know fuller details of the final Brexit deal.

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